Helping SMEs and niche brands
to raise brand awareness, engage more consumers, and generate sales

Here, There & Everywhere

Big brand experience

As part of an international creative group that works with many of the UK’s leading retailers and consumer brands, HT&E is able to benefit SMEs with the expertise, insights and best practices that help make those businesses so successful.

Tailored for SMEs

It goes without saying that timescales, finances and outputs will be on a different scale, and that is why our approach is specifically tailored in line with the requirements, budgets and aims of niche brands and SMEs.

Discovery Session

This might be the most valuable few hours you’ll ever spend

Through strategic questioning and intelligent research, a HT&E Discovery Session will bring your brand, your product, your customer and your competition into sharper focus.

Gaining insight, determining consensus and identifying challenges, the session will provide the foundation and direction for taking your brand to the next level.

By investing just a few hours you will discover where you need to be, and what you need to do to get there.

Brand Activation

You can focus on your product while we take care of your brand

Naturally the primary focus for your start-up brand or SME is on your products and services, but that usually means your branding and marketing will be significantly underpowered.

This can quickly become a major problem as brand visibility and consumer engagement are vital to the success and growth of your business, however there is a solution.

HT&E will equip you with the essential elements to activate your brand and a commercially driven plan designed to raise awareness, engage with consumers and generate sales.

Brand Health Check

A fresh perspective to keep you ahead of the competition

Combining expertise, insight and specialist research, HT&E will provide you with a pragmatic appraisal of your brand communication and marketing activity.

With a fresh perspective on how your brand, your customer touch points and your channels are working, we highlight what you may be missing and identify areas for improvement and innovation.

Think of HT&E as your brands personal trainer, one who will test it, get it fit and put it back on track more competitive than ever.

Brand Guardianship

Bringing your brand to life, here, there and everywhere

Graphics, words, images, colours and typefaces are just some of the building blocks that combine to represent you, your brand, your product and your services.

HT&E are here to ensure they’re joined up cohesively and applied effectively to the touch points and channels that will build your brand and engage your consumers.

Acting as brand guardians, HT&E will help seamlessly bring your brand to life online, offline and in the built environment.

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