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Applying market intelligence and smart creative thinking to the development of brand strategies, business communication and e.commerce, we have established a proven track record of building powerful commercial relationships between sport, brands, businesses and consumers.

Launched in 2014, HT&E provides valuable insight and innovative creative solutions that make a real and meaningful difference to brand engagement and customer experience, as well as successfully presenting business to business and getting results in sports sponsorship.

HT&E is research, insight, strategy, branding, creativity, design, digital, video, social, marketing, communication, presentation and e.commerce.


HT&E is the branding division of Seventy7 Group.



Through a process of informed research, investigation and conversation, we gain important insight, understand your challenges and determine consensus. In this way, we provide the foundations for the strategies and smart creative thinking that make the difference.



A clear picture of business purpose, aims and ambition is combined with a deep understanding of our evolving culture. This empowers us to build forward-facing strategies that increase meaningful connections between people, brands and businesses.



Creativity immediately becomes smarter when it’s inspired by insight, driven by strategy and influenced by human behavior. Adopting this approach, we create brand experiences and business communications that break new ground and build success.



The ever-increasing number of touch points that consumers have at their fingertips demands branding designed to deliver a total experience. With engagement, clarity and continuity at their heart, we design brands that connect effectively on every level.



Success and experience in the UK, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region, allows Strategic Partner Ray Evans to help customer-facing brands and businesses put the right skills, processes and technologies in place to deliver successful online shopping destinations for consumers across the globe