Video – the most powerful tool for maximising marketing ROI

More traffic, more time online, higher conversion rates.

Brands need to prioritise video content for its ability to engage audiences, boost sales and enrich the customer experience.

As the statistics (courtesy of Contently) below show, video attracts more customers, brings more website traffic, keeps visitors for longer and improves conversion rates. Key research findings show that while online shopping is extremely convenient, e-commerce websites don’t always deliver a full vision of what a brand offers, and often lack authenticity in their interaction with the audience.

The fact that customers are now exposed to so much more competition online cannot be underestimated, and good video content can be an extremely powerful weapon in ensuring your brand is front-of-mind.





Google loves video, in fact websites that feature videos generate 41% more web traffic than those without. Brands can make themselves hugely more discoverable and push their websites up the search ranking by having video on landing pages or on key product pages. It’s no surprise that ASOS comes up as one of the top search results when you type the keywords ‘women’s clothing’. The company was among the earliest adopters of product and ‘catwalk’ video on its website to showcase the movement of fabrics and the details of garments, helping the customer decision making process and keeping returns to a minimum.


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Making any digital customer strategy perform the best it possibly can requires video content that is not just functional, such as ASOS’s product videos, but also emotionally engaging and designed to build brand loyalty. Converting shoppers into advocates requires authentic content that stirs emotions and generates trust.

Dove is one of the brands that pioneered the era of emotional advertising with its ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, which went viral on YouTube, reached customers in more than 110 countries and gained 3.8 million shares on social media in its first month online. The company has increased its sales to $4 billion today from $2.5 billion in its opening campaign year, according to News Generation. Their recent #MyBeautyMySay video campaign featuring the tagline ‘When it comes to your body, love the one you’re with’ has turned into a social media movement, challenging female self esteem issues and helping define beauty as a source of confidence.

By sharing the stories of inspiring, unique and successful women to encourage other women to stand up for their own definition of beauty, Dove’s successful campaigns prove that video has the power to keep customer’s interest beyond the consideration stage and to convert consumers into brand advocates, generating word of mouth and tangible sales.


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Constantly tracking and analysing the performance of your content strategy is vital to ensuring that it’s effective and audience attention and engagement are retained.